February is National Children’s Dental Health Month

National Childrens Dental Health Month pic

Hello fellow brushers, Since February is National Children’s Dental Health Month, here are a few pointers. We all know kids love their sweets. Getting them in to the habits of good oral health early on is so beneficial for the life of their teeth. Rinsing with water twice a day or right after sweets does wonders just getting those sugars washed out of there mouths.

Kids Act mouthwash that acts like a spy in their mouths to point the bad residues of missed brushing spots. Use this, make it fun, identify the spots not being reached and have your child brush again to “attack” the sugars and plaque off of those teeth.

It is so hard to get kids to floss sometimes, we all know. Use the fun child size Plakers or Flossers, lot’s of brands out there. Try them and see what works best for your little ones. Best time to floss is right before bed. Have a nice clean mouth with minimal bacteria to sit for 8 hours while you sleep.

The absolute best drink of choice is water. With that said, tap water is the best. Tap water has the benefits of fluoride, that most bottled water does not contain.
Rinse with tap water and drink it. If your little one is wanting that juice, that is okay in moderation, however, do not sip throughout the day. Drink your juice and just be done with it. Milk also contains sugars as well. A timely exposure to the sugars and acids in milk or juice are not beneficial for your teeth at all.