A Youthful Healthy Smile

  A genuine smile can be a powerful thing. Studies have been shown to associate smiling and laughter with a better over all health. Have you seen anyone smile or laugh and try to hide their teeth? That is not a healthy smile. chaussure timberland pas cher True fact, someone who is not happy with their teeth will not laugh as much because a laugh starts with a smile. nike air tn It’s time to start thinking of your teeth as a true over all health benefit if maintained. Oral health is the beginning to all health, good or bad. UGG Bottes So much is associated with oral hygiene. bottes timberland pas cher Spring has finally approached us. Beautiful flowers are blooming, vacations are planned, winter wardrobes are being tucked away. I would like to remind you, your beautiful smile is here to stay, every day, every season. Prioritize your dental health by keeping up on your periodic cleanings and exams. Whitening seems to be a popular touch right now as well. Everyone is interested in keeping their youth for as long as they can. Adidas Superstar One factor in doing that is a beautiful, truly happy smile. Thank you, Dr.

Floss Like A Boss Challenge

Okay, this is day 2 of our Floss Challenge!! How are we doing so far?? Any bleeding while flossing? That will eventually go away, keep up the flossing. adidas zx 500 Do you have a bad odor when flossing?? That will go away also. Fjallraven Kanken No2 You are smelling the bacteria you are pulling up from your gums. ugg boots bailey bow Keep up the good work with this floss challenge. air max homme If you missed the start date, that is okay, start now!! Please feel free to post any ideas or questions in this floss challenge. Thanks, Dr.

Floss Challenge

Floss ChallengeFloss like a boss!!! 21 Day Flossing Challenge. Let’s have the best mouth’s we have ever had and just “feel” the benefits of flossing. buy ffxiv Items Who is in for this Challenge? This Challenge starts January 10th. nike sb For 21 days you will Floss like a Boss with us. ugg soldes 2017 Have fun and take charge of your oral health. Kånken Rucksack Please Share with friends and family, we don’t want to hold out these benefits from anyone. Who said flossing isn’t fun?? Are you up for the Challenge??? Follow our blog, updates periodically for more fun! Thanks, Dr.

Spring Is In The Air

Spring-Cleaning Blog Spring cleaning time is here again. Fjallraven Kanken Big What better way to kick off this spring than some pampering for yourself. air max pas cher Adidas Zx Flux Nothing is better than having the feeling of your teeth nice and clean . timberland pas cher ugg boots bailey bow Stop in for a periodic cleaning and get ready for the warm weather that is approaching. soldes timberland 2017 Whitening is a nice touch for a crisp fresh look. buy ffxiv Items ugg classic mini You can start your whitening now to have your brightest smile by the time summer is here. soldes timberland We offer two types of whitening.

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month

National Childrens Dental Health Month pic

Hello fellow brushers, Since February is National Children’s Dental Health Month, here are a few pointers. We all know kids love their sweets. Getting them in to the habits of good oral health early on is so beneficial for the life of their teeth. Rinsing with water twice a day or right after sweets does wonders just getting those sugars washed out of there mouths.

Kids Act mouthwash that acts like a spy in their mouths to point the bad residues of missed brushing spots. Use this, make it fun, identify the spots not being reached and have your child brush again to “attack” the sugars and plaque off of those teeth.

It is so hard to get kids to floss sometimes, we all know. Use the fun child size Plakers or Flossers, lot’s of brands out there. Try them and see what works best for your little ones. Best time to floss is right before bed. Have a nice clean mouth with minimal bacteria to sit for 8 hours while you sleep.

The absolute best drink of choice is water. With that said, tap water is the best. Tap water has the benefits of fluoride, that most bottled water does not contain.
Rinse with tap water and drink it. If your little one is wanting that juice, that is okay in moderation, however, do not sip throughout the day. Drink your juice and just be done with it. Milk also contains sugars as well. A timely exposure to the sugars and acids in milk or juice are not beneficial for your teeth at all.

New Year New You

Snow board Blog PicsWhat was your New Year’s Resolution?? If whitening is a part of that New You image, stop in today for a quote. New Year New benefits, it’s like starting all over again. Did you, like most, put things for yourself on the back burner all year long? Don’t let that happen again this year. You deserve the “You” you want to be.
    Your health starts with your oral health. Did you know that bad oral health leads to many if not most illnesses and disease. Take care of your health this year. 2016 can be a start to a healthier new year for now and leading into the future. Let’s start checking off our New Year bucket list now. Let’s make 2016 the year of prioritizing our health.

Thank You,

Dr. April Hearns and The Dentistry Details Team

Thanksgiving Doesn’t Have To Be The Worst Day Of The Year For Your Teeth

Blog Pics   Thanksgiving is a day of splurge. A day of splurging with your family. A day to taste not one but a few family pie and stuffing recipes. How can we stick to tradition and still be good to our teeth?
The answer is very simple.
1) Drink water while you eat
2) Brush, rinse, and floss if you can
3) Stay away from teeth staining foods
4) Bring your floss!

Simple easy measures to keeping good oral health for the whole family.
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.

Thank You,
Dr. April Hearns and The Dentistry Details Team

Welcome, Patient Appreciation and Christmas Walk

Welcome to Dental Team and You, the Dentistry Details Blog.  This blog is designed to provide what we hope will be helpful information to not only our patients, but to all who may be seeking answers to some burning questions regarding their dental health and dentistry at large.  Visit frequently for updates.
 Hello to all our patient’s and wonderful community. We would like to take a day and celebrate YOU. What better day than the day that brings this community together; The Olde West Chester Christmas Walk Saturday, November 14, 2015 2:00pm-5:00pm. Please join us, along with the whole community to Celebrate! We’re looking forward to seeing all of our patients for light refreshments along with crafts for our younger guests, all while enjoying other festivities featured during the walk.
Dr. April Hearns and the Dentistry Details Team

Patient Appreciation and Christmas Walk was a Success

holiday pine conesThank you patients for such a wonderful turn out. nike dunk nike air max 2013 The day was a success. air jordan en soldes nike air max 90 Our craft was a definite hit with the children, so much that we have decided to do the same next year. nike sb Watching all of the children walking the Christmas walk holding our Beautiful Christmas Lanterns was such a delight. Thank you patients for making the walk so big for us and spreading the word. Fjallraven Kanken Big We enjoyed meeting your friends and family. bottes timberland pas cher ugg australia Looking forward to next year’s walk already. Again, Thank You and see you all again next year at the walk. Thank You, Dr.