New Year New You

Snow board Blog PicsWhat was your New Year’s Resolution?? If whitening is a part of that New You image, stop in today for a quote. New Year New benefits, it’s like starting all over again. Did you, like most, put things for yourself on the back burner all year long? Don’t let that happen again this year. You deserve the “You” you want to be.
    Your health starts with your oral health. Did you know that bad oral health leads to many if not most illnesses and disease. Take care of your health this year. 2016 can be a start to a healthier new year for now and leading into the future. Let’s start checking off our New Year bucket list now. Let’s make 2016 the year of prioritizing our health.

Thank You,

Dr. April Hearns and The Dentistry Details Team

Thanksgiving Doesn’t Have To Be The Worst Day Of The Year For Your Teeth

Blog Pics   Thanksgiving is a day of splurge. A day of splurging with your family. A day to taste not one but a few family pie and stuffing recipes. How can we stick to tradition and still be good to our teeth?
The answer is very simple.
1) Drink water while you eat
2) Brush, rinse, and floss if you can
3) Stay away from teeth staining foods
4) Bring your floss!

Simple easy measures to keeping good oral health for the whole family.
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.

Thank You,
Dr. April Hearns and The Dentistry Details Team

Welcome, Patient Appreciation and Christmas Walk

Welcome to Dental Team and You, the Dentistry Details Blog.  This blog is designed to provide what we hope will be helpful information to not only our patients, but to all who may be seeking answers to some burning questions regarding their dental health and dentistry at large.  Visit frequently for updates.
 Hello to all our patient’s and wonderful community. We would like to take a day and celebrate YOU. What better day than the day that brings this community together; The Olde West Chester Christmas Walk Saturday, November 14, 2015 2:00pm-5:00pm. Please join us, along with the whole community to Celebrate! We’re looking forward to seeing all of our patients for light refreshments along with crafts for our younger guests, all while enjoying other festivities featured during the walk.
Dr. April Hearns and the Dentistry Details Team

Patient Appreciation and Christmas Walk was a Success

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Tis The Season For Bright Pearly Whites

blog smile whitening Tis The Season For Bright Pearly Whites Everyone wants that bright, clean smile. ugg australia classic Ask about our different options for whitening. nike soldes timberland roll top pas cher Whitening is at the top of almost everyone’s Holiday list. ugg australia discount Fjallraven Kanken Sales With this being the season for giving, what better gift to brighten someone’s smile. nike air max 90 homme Give the gift of customized whitening. ugg soldes Call our office today for details. ffxiv gil ugg classic mini Do you need any last minute stocking stuffer ideas? Spin Brushes for kids or even adults for that matter, make excellent gifts. nike air max 2012 If not a Spin Brush, we suggest a small tooth brush with soft bristles. Also, load those stockings up with sugar free gum. nike air max homme adidas superstar 2 soldes Trident with Xylitol is absolutely the best. nike blazer Fjallraven Kanken Backpack Xylitol is a bacteria fighting substance that reduces the chances of cavities. The Holiday Season is full of energy, fun, tradition and memories. adidas zx flux belgique nike air max femme pas cher I have some tips for you to keep this Holiday Season a safe and fun one. Kånken Rucksack One of the highlights of your child’s winter will be playing in the snow. chaussures timberland Oh the memories. Toboggans have a way of shortening teeth on occasion. Use a mouth guard, similar to what you would use for basketball, hockey or ice skating can reduce injuries. Thank You, Dr.